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EcoSource offers a range of finance and funding solutions tailored to specific client or project needs.

Our specialist expertise in the renewables and cleantech sector allows us to understand projects at a technical, financial and business level ensuring that appropriate funding solutions meet the needs of all stakeholders.


EcoSource offers a complete range of renewable energy and energy efficiency services and technologies for your organisation.

The specialist EcoSource Energy Services team is perfectly positioned to help you from initial assessment through to  implementation and ongoing management  and monitoring.


Our ESCO model is simple and gives you the flexibility to shape the perfect plan.

The Ecosource ESCO is perfect for public and private organisations looking to reduce operational energy cost and Carbon without the need to spend capital on new technologies.


EcoSource leads the way in cost and Carbon savings with zero capital outlay. Our Pay As You Save funding solutions allows public and private organisations to benefit from lower operating costs and lower carbon emissions from energy, heat and waste.

Our energy services division offers technology agnostic, practical advice on energy efficiency and renewable energy integration whilst our EcoFinance platform offers tailored project funding solutions that are designed to ensure projects are robust, viable and achievable.