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Our Vendor service allows you, as a technology expert, to concentrate on delivering your customers the best technical solution safe in the knowledge that our financing experts will work with you and the client to ensure each project is affordable, viable and profitable.

Critically, our Team understands your technologies and understand the demands placed on suppliers by clients. We support you by working with you, on agreed terms, to ensure your clients are viable, help to build a compelling business case and, ultimately close deals.

Contact us to arrange an informal conversation to help you understand how we can help you to grow your business.


Developing a project takes time and diligence and we understand that the correct funding package is the key to a successful outcome.

Ecosource has a unique mix of financial, technical and business skills that separate us from mainstream financing options. Our approach is to understand the project, the technology and the required outcomes for all of the stakeholders.

Typically we will remain partners throughout the lifetime of a development, ensuring that the funding package remains appropriate to the life cycle stage and the prevailing market conditions.

End Users

Owning and operating a renewable energy installation or implementing energy efficiency measures can be an excellent route to reducing the costs and Carbon intensity of your energy requirements. Long term government incentives allow for certainty of returns whilst the installation defends against future energy price increases.

Ecosource understands that not all businesses want to tie up capital in renewable energy end energy efficiency installations, preferring instead to invest in core business activities and growth.

As specialist funding partners, Ecosource is able to offer tailored finance solutions for not only renewable energy and energy efficiency projects, but also general business finance ranging from simple loans to structured funding.