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Wind turbine technology is developing at speed and is currently the fastest growing sector in renewable technology space.

The Uk market is leading the way in this high-technology industry. Wind Turbines are becoming more powerful and effective, with the latest models having longer blades, allowing them to capture more wind and therefore producing more electricity.

Wind energy is leading the way to help meet the climate change challenge set by Government.

It is proven technology and as of November 2013, there were over 4,200 turbines across the UK and Ireland with an installed capacity of over 6,700MW.

Our Clients and developments use a range of turbines, typical sizes from 50kW to 3MW, from “best of bread” manufacturers, and select the most appropriate one to maximise the potential of the site. Factors that we consider in turbine selection include: energy yield, quietness in operation, site access, and grid requirements.

A typical single 2.5MW turbine will generate enough electricity to meet the demands of some 1,300 homes and offset the release of over 74,000 tonnes of CO₂ over its 30 year lifespan.

Surveys conducted quarterly for DECC by an independent research organisation has shown consistently high levels of public support for the use of renewable energy.

Studies will show that with 2,103 UK adults in September 2013 showed 66% of respondents support the use of onshore wind to generate the UK’s electricity. Only 12% are opposed.

Ecosource is committed to the development of Wind Technology across the UK and Ireland and is at the cutting edge of this exciting technology offering Financial and development opportunity.